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Michael Hoppert

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Astrophysical Sources of Energy for Life



Michael Hoppert, born 1963, earned his diploma degree in biology (microbiology) in 1989 with work on the structural analysis of coenzyme M reductase enzyme complexes in methanogenic archaea. In 1993, he received his PhD at the University of Göttingen for research on enzymatically catalyzed hydrogen production in reversed micellar solutions (Dept. of Structural Microbiology, headed by Frank Mayer, Institute of Microbiology, University of Göttingen). In the Institute of Microbiology and Genetics he continued research on enzyme activity influenced by lipid membranes and started projects focusing on structure-functional analyses of microbial biofilms. Besides methodological aspects with respect to electron microscopy of microbial consortia, he was particularly interested in epi- and endolithic algal and fungal biofilms and worked, in collaboration with the Göttingen Geoscience Centre and (since 2009) as a principal investigator in the Courant Research Centre Geobiology (Geosciences Dept, Univ. Göttingen), on calcifying biofilms conducting anaerobic methane oxidation. Recent research comprises the investigation of microbial biosignatures as symbionts in metazoa and biomineral formation by prokaryotes.


Selected papers


Dreier A, Loh W, Blumenberg M, Thiel V, Hause‐Reitner D, Hoppert M (2014) The isotopic biosignatures of photo- vs. thiotrophic bivalves: are they preserved in fossil shells? Geobiology 12, 406-423.


Hallmann C, Stannek L, Fritzlar D, Hause-Reitner D, Friedl T, Hoppert M (2013) Molecular diversity of phototrophic biofilms on building stone. FEMS Microbiology Ecology 84, 355-372.


Wrede C, Krukenberg V, Dreier A, Reitner J, Heller C, Hoppert M (2013) Detection of metabolic key enzymes of methane turnover processes in cold seep microbial biofilms. Geomicrobiology Journal 230, 214-227.


Dreier A, Stannek L, Blumenberg M, Taviani M, Sigovini M, Wrede C, Thiel V, Hoppert M (2012) The fingerprint of chemosymbiosis: origin and preservation of isotopic biosignatures in the nonseep bivalve Loripes lacteus compared with Venerupis aurea. FEMS Microbiology Ecology 81, 480-493.


Wrede C, Brady S, Rockstroh S, Dreier A, Kokoschka S, Heinzelmann SM, Heller C, Reitner J, Taviani M, Daniel R, Hoppert M (2012) Aerobic and anaerobic methane oxidation in terrestrial mud volcanoes in the Northern Apennines. Sedimentary Geology 263/264, 210-219.

Selected books


Hoppert M: Microscopic Techniques in Biotechnology. 330 pp., Wiley-VCH, Weinheim, 2003.


Hoppert M, Holzenburg A: Electron Microscopy in Microbiology. 108 pp., Springer, New York, 1998.

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