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Wilfried Kramer

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Astrophysical Sources of Energy for Life



Wilfried Kramer, born 1958, received degrees as „Diplom-Biologe“ and „Dr. rer. nat” from the University of Cologne working on the influence of DNA mismatch repair in E. coli on oligonucleotide directed construction of mutations. In 1986 he went to Seymour Fogel at UC Berkeley as a postdoc to study DNA mismatch repair in yeast. He came to Göttingen in 1989 as junior group leader at the newly established chair of Molecuar Genetics, which was headed by Hans-Joachim Fritz. Here he continued the work on DNA mismatch repair and later turned his attention to the rescue of stalled replication forks.


Selected papers


Ede C, Rudolph CJ, Lehmann S, Schürer, KA, Kramer W (2011) Budding yeast Mph1 promotes sister chromatid interactions by a mechanism involving strand invasion. DNA Repair 10, 45-55.


Schürer KA, Rudolph C, Ulrich HD, Kramer W (2004) Yeast MPH1 gene functions in an error-free DNA damage bypass pathway that requires genes from homologous recombination, but not from postreplicative repair. Genetics 166, 1673-1686.


Kramer W, Kramer, B, Williamson MS, Fogel S (1989) Cloning and nucleotide sequence of DNA mismatch repair gene PMS1 from Saccharomyces cerevisiae: Homology of PMS1 to procaryotic MutL and HexB. J. Bacteriol. 171, 5339-5346.


Kramer B, Kramer W, Fritz HJ (1984)Different base/base mismatches are corrected with different efficiencies by the methyl-directed DNA mismatch-repair system of E. coli. Cell 38, 879-887.

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