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Fritz Eckstein

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Astrophysical Sources of Energy for Life



Fritz Eckstein, born 1932, Ph. D. in chemistry 1960 at the University of Bonn with Prof. B. Helferich. Postdoc time for 1.5 years each at the Banting and Best Institute, University of Toronto and with Prof. Woodward at Harvard. Joined the Max-Planck-Institute for experimental medicine in Göttingen in 1964 working on chemical modification of DNA and RNA to study enzyme mechanisms and to stabilise them against nuclease degradation. Adjunct professor at the Dept. of Chemistry at Göttingen since 1972. Sabbaticals for several months each: 1969 Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, with Prof. Reichard; 1980 University of Washington, Seattle, with Prof. Storm; 1987 Medical Research Council, Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge UK, with Dr. Winter; 1998 Hebrew University, Jerusalem, with Prof. Soreq. 2006 Honorary Ph. D of the Hebrew University. On the scientific advisory board to several companies in the past such as USB, Amersham, Ribozyme Pharmaceuticals, and now with Alnylam. Retirement in 1997.


Selected papers


Eckstein F (2007) Phosphorothioation of DNA in bacteria. (News and Views). Nature Chem. Biol. 3, 689-690.


Kore A., Vaish N., Morris J., Eckstein F (2000) In vitro Evolution of the hammerhead ribozyme to a purine-specific ribozyme using mutagenic PCR with two nucleotide analogues. J. Mol. Biol. 301, 1113-1121.


Pieken WA, Olsen DB, Benseler F, Aurup H, Eckstein F (1991) Kinetic Characterisation of Ribonuclease-Resistant 2´-Modified Hammerhead Ribozymes. Science 253, 314-317.


Eckstein F, Gish J (1989) Phophorothioates in Moleclar Biology. Trends in Biochemical Sciences 14, 97-100.


Gish G, Eckstein F (1988) DNA and RNA Sequence Determination Based on Phosphorothioate Chemistry. Science 240, 1520-1522.

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